Home inspections on a rainy day

If you are you looking to purchase a home, buy an investment property, or remodel your current property a rainy day is the best time to see any leaks or drainage issues that need to be addressed. You can check out the roof, gutters, and grade of the property. Make sure you inspect the attic especially around chimneys and vents as these errors are particularly susceptible to water damage.


You can watch to see if the gutters are over flowing and see if the splash blacks are positioned correctly. If there are issues with water it is good to know before you purchase, rent, or remodel and the faster the problem is identified the faster it can be fixed. Storm damage, standing water, and moisture can cause mold to grow which could eventually become a health risk as well as cause further damage to sheetrock and carpet. Prolonged exposure to mold as well known to cause long lasting  health issues.


If you suspect you have roof damage or defects in your home caused by water that may lead to mold the work can be started immediately after the inspection making it easy to meet a closing date. Take the opportunity to watch out on the  next rainy day as its an ideal time to inspect your home as to be accurate of the cause of leaks and trapped water. Storms, wind, and fallen limbs can cause damage that is not recognized immediately.  If the damage is beyond your capabilities to repair seek out a quality water damage restoration company to do the work for you.

Preventing supply line leaks

Links in your supply lines can be hazardous and extraordinarily costly problems but they can be prevented. The supply lines are part of your water system that brings water to your various appliances such as your washer, sinks, toilets, freezer, dishwasher and other things will. According to USSA insurance company problems and supply lines can often cost homeowners upwards of $8000 to fix.


It’s not particularly difficult to figure out why do you can become so costly. If you have, for example, a leak in the supply line to your refrigerators icemaker gallons and gallons of water can be seeping behind your fridge. Unless you realize it right away you may only notice it when the water has accumulated enough to spread. By that time the damage could be catastrophic. Unattended to the water can code established a foundation of your home, problems with long-lasting mold and can ruin a carefully crafted living space.


The most simple way to avoid unnecessary water damage is