importance of water damage restoration

Importance of Water Damage Restoration

Your home can experience different kinds of property damage because it can happen in many ways. However, the most common type of property damage is water damage due to the many sources it can occur. It can be a cause of both internal sources (like pipe bursts) and natural sources (like rainstorms).

Water damage can cause extreme devastation to your home’s overall condition. When water starts to occur unintentionally, it can spread quickly in the entire structure of your home due to the building materials that are naturally porous and can quickly absorb excess water. The longer the water sits on these materials, the more damage they will experience, resulting in them to warp, rot, and may even experience mold growth. That is why it is important to act fast when water sustains your home.

As a homeowner, you may want to restore your home to save some money for restoration. However, the process of repairing a water-damaged home is complicated. Instead, the best way to guarantee that repairs are done right and efficiently is getting professional help from a water damage restoration company.  


Benefits of Professional Water Damage Restoration

Here we will highlight the key benefits of professional water damage restoration services.

1. Water Damage Categories and Safety

Water damage doesn’t only cause property damage. In some cases, the water involved in the damage contains contaminants that can pose serious health issues. Taking precautions with the water involved is vital when dealing with any kind of water damage.

While clean water that came from a clean water source like burst pipes can pose no biohazardous threats, greywater and black water can be dangerous to deal with. Though greywater is somewhat clean, it still contains contaminants. On the other hand, black water contains harmful pathogens and toxins.

Attempting to deal with grey or black water damage can put yourself at risk of developing serious health issues, even wearing protective gears like gloves or masks. Your personal protective gear might not effectively protect you from all the danger contaminated water can do. Unlike professional technicians, they are equipped with proper and effective safety gear that can protect them from water hazards.  


2. Expertise and Advanced Equipment

In case, water damage has caused minimal damage to your property, cleaning it up on your own is possible. But, if there is a large amount of water involved like serious flooding due to a storm, extracting water by yourself is impossible to handle. You neither have the proper equipment to extract the water nor the tools to efficiently dry out your property. In this case, a professional restoration company is what you need.

Professional water damage technicians are well-trained and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. They use advanced devices like industrial fans, high volume air movers, pumps, dehumidifiers, vacuums, and others in conducting water removal, clean up, and restoration. Moreover, water damage professionals are experts in dealing with any kind of water damage, regardless of the severity of the damage. They know how to properly clean, repair, and restore your home.


3. Mold Growth Removal and Prevention

In every event of water damage, there is always a possibility of mold growth. Mold grows anywhere there is food source and moisture. The building materials in homes can serve as their food source due to the presence of cellulose. When these building materials experienced water damage, they become the perfect environment for mold to grow.

Water damage professionals do not only ensure efficient restoration of your property, but they also work on reducing your property’s susceptibility to mold growth. They use advanced technology to completely dry out all excess moisture to prevent these microorganisms to set in your property. In the event that mold has already existed in your property, professional technicians will use high-grade cleaners and disinfectants to fully eliminate mold.

Mold does not only cause damage to your property, but it can also harm people exposed to it. Using the improper method in preventing mold growth or removing mold may harm you and aggravate the damage. That is why it is important to hire professionals in dealing with mold issues.


Water Damage Problems?

When your home has experienced water damage, acting fast is important. Calling a professional water damage restoration is the best way to restore and repair your home properly. Professional technicians will be on-site an hour or less to assess the damage. Once they have checked the severity of the damage, they will create a restoration plan and start immediately whenever you give the “go” signal.

A professional restoration company will help you restore your home to a safe and clean condition. Water Damage Lake Elsinore offers complete water damage restoration services. Call us anytime to avail of our service.

Water damage and electricity: a shocking tale

With all seen those cartoons growing up as children where the hero or villain is electrocuted. As a child that seems amusing and funny and not in anyway frightening but as an adult we know that electrocution is a very serious danger. It is an even more serious danger when water comes into contact with electricity. What is a conductor of electricity, which means that if electricity is running into water it will be running throughout the water. If you are dealing with water damage situation and electricity is still running through the home or business you could be in very great danger.


Small levels of electricity may not kill you, unless you have a heart condition, but they can put you in hospital. It is always a good idea to maintain high levels of personal protection and caution when dealing with water damage and electricity. One of the first things you should do is make sure that the home or business were awarded damages taken place has no electricity running to it. Switching off the power to the house is often the best way to accomplish this. You should also wear rubber clothing and gloves and shoes. Robber does not conduct electricity and is therefore an excellent way of protecting yourself.


By maintaining safety you are able to deal with the water damage situation without putting your life or the lives of others at risk. If you are in any doubt of the safety of dealing with the water damage situation you should call a water damage restoration company immediately and have professionals take a look at it.

A broken showerhead is a potential water damage disaster!


The fact is that most of us are at least a little oblivious to broken things in our home. Often they can be left broken for months and with something that wouldn’t matter but we anything that carries water the potential for water damage can be disastrous. When it comes to the showerhead we may ignore the fact that water is spilling all over the place but the damage that is potentially going on behind the wall could be severe.


Over time the water accumulating on the drywall, tile and would cannot only be hazardous to your health is but can also cause you great distress. Any leak in your home will eventually lead to the accumulation of mold and mildew and if the damage is severe and often spread mold spores in the air. Most people believe that our bathrooms are built using water resistant materials but often that is just not the case. This often bathrooms are built with just standard drywall and therefore are highly susceptible to water and mold damage. Eventually if untreated water can eat through the grout and the sealant under your tile causing it cracked and break away.


These are cause extreme examples of what a broken showerhead can cause this but it is an example of how a small thing can lead to very big repairs. Don’t leave the repair work for another day. The time and money that will be saved by repairing it now will far outweigh the cost and stress involved in a major repair later on.




How to clean of hard water stains the easy way



While water stains are most likely to appear in your bathroom, shower and on or around the kitchen sink but they can appear in some unexpected places. These stains are usually take the form of a white scummy substance that builds rounds faucets and in the bath or shower .The potential damage stains can be removed entirely by changing a water system that can be extremely costly. Here is a simple guideline for letting you know what kind of thing you’re dealing with and the best way of getting rid of it.


  • Hard water stains. This type of stain most often builds up around your shower and bathtub and has a tendency to look particularly bad. Installing a software order system will get rid of all states permanently but it is not an option for you glad to get rid of the old-fashioned way.


  • Dealing with hard stains. Combine one part vinegar with one part liquid dish soap. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray on the water stains. Let the mixture stay on the surface you want cream for about 30 to 45 minutes, the longer the better. If the buildup is particularly bad leave the mixture on for an hour to an hour and a half. Take a microfiber cloth and rub off the mixture and underneath you’ll find a brand-new bath or shower.


  • Normal water stains. To get rid of the more usual type of water stains combine 2 tablespoons of baking soda would 1/2 a cup of white vinegar. Allow the mixture to sit for about 30 minutes. Rub the mixture off and clean the surface with a clean towel.






Home inspections on a rainy day

If you are you looking to purchase a home, buy an investment property, or remodel your current property a rainy day is the best time to see any leaks or drainage issues that need to be addressed. You can check out the roof, gutters, and grade of the property. Make sure you inspect the attic especially around chimneys and vents as these errors are particularly susceptible to water damage.


You can watch to see if the gutters are over flowing and see if the splash blacks are positioned correctly. If there are issues with water it is good to know before you purchase, rent, or remodel and the faster the problem is identified the faster it can be fixed. Storm damage, standing water, and moisture can cause mold to grow which could eventually become a health risk as well as cause further damage to sheetrock and carpet. Prolonged exposure to mold as well known to cause long lasting  health issues.


If you suspect you have roof damage or defects in your home caused by water that may lead to mold the work can be started immediately after the inspection making it easy to meet a closing date. Take the opportunity to watch out on the  next rainy day as its an ideal time to inspect your home as to be accurate of the cause of leaks and trapped water. Storms, wind, and fallen limbs can cause damage that is not recognized immediately.  If the damage is beyond your capabilities to repair seek out a quality water damage restoration company to do the work for you.

Preventing supply line leaks

Links in your supply lines can be hazardous and extraordinarily costly problems but they can be prevented. The supply lines are part of your water system that brings water to your various appliances such as your washer, sinks, toilets, freezer, dishwasher and other things will. According to USSA insurance company problems and supply lines can often cost homeowners upwards of $8000 to fix.


It’s not particularly difficult to figure out why do you can become so costly. If you have, for example, a leak in the supply line to your refrigerators icemaker gallons and gallons of water can be seeping behind your fridge. Unless you realize it right away you may only notice it when the water has accumulated enough to spread. By that time the damage could be catastrophic. Unattended to the water can code established a foundation of your home, problems with long-lasting mold and can ruin a carefully crafted living space.


The most simple way to avoid unnecessary water damage is

 Mold; the reason why you should hire a professional restoration company



After your home business has suffered water damage one of the main areas for concern is the development of mold spores. These tiny particles, less than 4 microns in size, require specialized equipment adequately dispose of them. This is not properly dealt with molds can spread quickly throughout a home or business and cause discoloration, structural damage and adversely affect indoor air quality. In point of fact mold has been scientifically linked to several health problems including asthma exasperation, respiratory distress, memory loss, pulmonary hemorrhage and many more. This because at this and many other reasons it is highly recommended that you leave mold restoration to the professionals.


Endeavoring to clear away the mold yourself cannot I may expose you to harmful mold spores but also done incorrectly can spread the mold throughout your house. Here are some of the benefits of calling in a professional mold remediation company.


  • They will assess the dangers of existing mold
  • They will provide suggestions to fix the source of water intrusion to prevent further mold problems There will locate the source of mold growth they will seal off the affected area to avoid the spread of mold spores during thee remediation process
  • They will be certain to completely eliminate


They will try and disinfect the areas ands surfaces to make sure that the mold does not grow back

When dealing with water damage, mold remediation, or fire damage restoration it is always advised to call in professional help. If initially it looks like you’ll be saving money by doing the work yourself you may find later on that more work was required and you are now out of pocket.