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How damaged is your roof? – 9 signs to look out for


Of all the essential elements that make up home perhaps top of the list is your roof but as a homeowner sometimes you just forget that it’s there. It sits there on top of your house protecting you from the sun, rain and all the vicissitudes of the weather but while serving the noble function it can take a real beating.


If when rain comes you start to run out of pots and pans as you run around helter-skelter trying to stop your house from flooding or you find that raccoons have moved in in your attic it may be time to repair your roof. The problem is that by the time this has happened the cost to repair will be high.


Here are 9 things to look out for that will tell you it’s time to call the repairman.


  1. The Roof Shows Minor Discoloration. This could mean very simple repairs or more complex ones. Get an inspection or do the work on your own – but act now.


  1. The Roof Is Sagging. This indicates that your roof could collapse and you need immediate repair. Don’t wait if you see your roof sagging or buckling.


  1. Your Roof Looks Sun Damaged. Usually, this doesn’t indicate roof damage, but you might need new shingles or covering.


  1. You Can See the Sunshine. If this is happening you have almost no protection from the weather. Remedy it immediately or it could be a disaster when it rains.


  1. Dark Spots Indicate Minor Water Damage. Seek repair.


  1. Water Damage on the Ceiling. This means you have a moderate to serious roofing problem.


  1. The Roof Shows “Bald Spots.” This means you need new shingles or covering – at least in that area.


  1. There’s Roof Debris on Your Roof. This indicates that your roof is aging poorly.


  1. Mold Is Growing. Severe water damage has already started if you can see mold.



In cases of mold and water damage contact equality mold Remediation Company, there are types of mold that can literally consume the wood of your house and it’s never wise to delay too long.


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