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How to Remove Musty Smell Caused by Water Damage


Water damage can happen to every home. According to the American Insurance Association, water damage claim has been increasing over the years and it has become the second most popular claim many homeowners take in their insurance. Water damage also has several effects on one’s property. One of the most common us the musty smell caused by water damage. 

Whatever the cause of water damage is, its aftermath is very horrible. The cleanup operation requires effort, time and money. Water damage can ruin furniture and other personal belongings. But, aside from that, if the operation was not performed properly, water damage can leave a musty smell.  This smell can linger inside the home and if the air contains mold spores can cause health issues. That is why eliminating this musty smell is imperative.

Below are some of the steps of removing this horrible musty smell caused by water damage.m 

Step 1: Fix the Source of the Musty Smell

First things first, you have to address the source of the musty smell. It could be a water leak or moisture and condensation issues or a leak from an appliance. Doing this will remove the musty smell faster.  It is best to monitor the source of the problem to prevent this problem from happening again.

Step 2: Dry Out The Affected Area

               Water damage can spread and affect other areas of your home. Make sure that every part of your home is completely dry. Moreover, remove water-damaged items such as carpet, carpeting, and furniture. Also, inspect your home for other sources of moisture like kitchen, bathroom, and basement. These areas are prone to mold growth and can cause water damage odor.

You may use air-moving fans and dehumidifiers to dry out your home and remove moisture. Open door and windows to allow air circulation and to speed up the drying process, but, be sure that the weather outside is warm and dry. Also, make sure to empty the dehumidifier pans immediately.

Step3: Get Rid of Mold

Mold can cause health issues to humans and even pets. Those who are susceptible to mold spores can experience inflammatory issues and allergies. Moreover, mold can damage the structure of your home through the development of bacteria that feast on the waste made by mold. As the mold continues to colonize your home, the musty smell caused by water damage can grow more.

Fortunately, there are easy ways of getting rid of household mold, especially if it is seen in its early stages. You may scrub the affected area with warm/hot water and soap or spray it with white vinegar.  Also, remove remaining stains to make sure that there will be no spores left behind. 


 On the other hand, mold removal is difficult and can pose harm. DIY mold removal is usually inefficient. That is why it is generally recommended to hire professional mold remediation specialists to do the job. In this way, mold will properly be removed and even the source of mold growth will be fixed.

Step 4: Deodorize and Ventilate the Area

You may use a natural air freshener by boiling lemons in a pan and letting it sit in the affected area to deodorize the affected area. Set electric fans in a room to help spread the aroma. You can also use a home deodorizer like Lysol if doing the latter method is not possible in the area.

If the musty smell persists, use the solution of baking soda and water. Scrub the solution to the affected area and allow it to dry without rinsing the paste. After a few hours, use a vacuum to remove the particles.

Finally, after thoroughly cleaning the affected area, you have to dry it out completely. If there is still moisture in the area, mold spores may develop again. You may set up a box fan, overhead fan or a space heater. Or, open doors and windows if it is not humid outside.

Step 5: Work With Professionals

If the musty smell continues to linger in your home and there are still signs of mold infestation, opt to hire professionals. When mold has affected a large area of your home, it might require specialized equipment to be completely removed.

 A professional water damage restoration company, like Superior Restoration Lake Elsinore, will find any hidden water damage, fix the source of the problem and make sure that there will be no more lingering odor in your home. They have fully trained and skilled specialists that will work hand in hand to make sure that your home is odor-free and safe to live in.

If you need help in removing the musty smell, mold infestation or any water damage events, don’t hesitate to call their professionals. They will be on-site an hour or less after you contact them.


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