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Learn More About The Categories And Classes Of Water Loss


Any water damage issue in the home causes stress to homeowners. And all water damage indeed requires restoration. Some cases may not be too troublesome to repair, while others need extensive restoration services.

Nevertheless, when a property owner poorly handles any water damage problem, the property’s structure may come down with lasting damage. So immediately, contact a certified water damage restoration company as soon as you discover any indication of water damage at home.

Moreover, a homeowner like you must be familiar with the categories and classes of water loss. Gaining knowledge about them will help you deal with any water damage issue in your home.

Be Familiar with the Categories and Classes of Water Loss

Categories of Water Loss

Becoming knowledgeable about the categories of water damage may aid you in describing the situation clearly to the specialists. This way, they can easily recognize the source of water loss and proceed with the most appropriate solution.

Category 1 – Clean Water

  • Category 1 water is the water damage due to liquid coming from a clean source.
  • Sources may be a broken faucet, ruptured water supply lines, a malfunctioning toilet tank, or a failed water heater.
  • It may start as sanitary water, but it can quickly become Category 2 or 3 if not properly dealt with immediately or turns into contaminated water.

Category 2 – Grey Water

  • The second category consists of water with hazardous contaminants causing sickness when ingested.
  • This kind of water can come from a washing machine overflow, a leaking dishwasher, a toilet spilling over with urine, or a flush from a sink drain.
  • Gray water can swiftly become Category 3 if poorly managed.

Category 3 – Black Water

  • The third category is the most awful level of water damage and produced by highly unclean fluid.
  • It contains human and animal waste and other toxins that could cause terrible diseases or death once ingested and not well treated.
  • Sources include wind-driven rain, flooding from streams or rivers, standing water carrying microbial growth, sewer backup, or a toilet overflows with manure.

Classes of Water Damage

Below are the helpful details you can rely on to recognize which water damage class you are experiencing in your home.

Class 1

  • This class is the least difficult to handle since it is the least awful of all.
  • The absorption rate in this class is slow, and it only affects a portion of the room or area. Also, there is the slightest to no damp carpet to recover.
  • Moisture or water only affects less porous objects like plywood or concrete.
  • Minimal repairs are possibly necessary.

Class 2

  • This class has a fast absorption rate and can damage the entire area containing fabrics, cushions, or carpets.
  • Moisture or water has gone up to the walls (at least 12 inches or a foot) and remained in the structural materials of your property.

Class 3

  • The absorption rate in this class is the fastest.
  • The water source may have originated from the top or have gone over 24 inches up to the walls.
  • The ceilings, insulation, walls, carpets, and sub-floors, or in other words, the whole room, are saturated with water or moisture.

Class 4

  • Less absorbent materials like plaster, hardwood floors and concrete are seriously saturated in this class.
  • A particular water restoration method is highly required for this type of damage.

For Water Damage Concerns, Seek Assistance from Restoration Specialists

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