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Minor Mold Tips for Elsinore Residents


Lake Elsinore has the distinction of being a comparatively-moist area among the dry valleys of Southern California. However, with more moisture comes a greater chance of mold outbreak capable of comprising the value of your home and the safety of your family. Such incidents often require the use of a remediation service, although not every occurrence of household mold requires remediation. Minor spots or small growth can be easily taken care of, and preventative steps are fairly easy. Such steps can not only save time and money, but can prevent major occurrences that need remediation service. Here are the basics of taking care of in-house mold.


For small mold occurrences, the EPA suggestsscrubbing hard surfaces with a simple detergent and water solution. Do not paint over or retouch these surfaces until they are completely cleaned of mold. These hard, non-porous surfaces are the only types of surfaces the EPA recommends for cleaning yourself. More porous surfaces and objects may need to be removed or thrown away, since mold can easily grow in the pores and crevices of such surfaces, making conventional cleaning nearly impossible.


The EPA also suggests addressing any pipe fixture leaks and finding the source of unusualmoisture as soon as possible. For rooms that will always have a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms, it’s recommended that the room be kept heavily ventilated. These rooms should also be more frequently cleaned than other rooms in the house. Taking such preventative measures decreases the likelihood of a mold occurrence and the size of the breakout if one shows up.

When Enough is Enough

Beyond small breakouts on hard, non-porous surfaces, the EPA recommends against taking on the work yourself. In the event of larger mold occurences, or mold outbreaks that affect softer, absorbent materials like carpet, the EPA recommends the usage of remediation services. Such services have a variety of advanced tools and procedures at their disposal to ensure that one’s home is mold free, thereby allowingLake Elsinore residents to continue on with their lives unthreatened by a moldy presence.


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