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Winter Snow Removal Safety Tips


It is that season of the year again, a combination of rain and snow that shower in the entire area of California. Many homeowners understand how these two forces can cause severe damage to a home. Not only it can flood your basement, but it can also damage the roofing system and home’s foundation. The most efficient way of preventing your home from this damage is the removal of winter snow.

Snow removal around your home is an essential winter chore that helps your home safe from all the damage snow melting and piling can do. But doing this chore takes a lot of bending and lifting of heavy-weight snow. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, there are around 16,500 people rush to the emergency room due to injuries while removing snow every year. Back and shoulder sprains and strains, finger amputations and lacerations are the most common injuries associated with snow removal.

Keeping the surrounding area (walkway, driveway, or roof) free from snow can be beneficial to your home, but keeping in mind the safety reminders in removing snow is very essential.


Snow Removal Safety Tips

  • Dress Appropriately

Wear light clothing and water repellent to provide ventilation and insulation. Also, dress in layers so you can remove clothing if you feel hot. It is also necessary to wear the proper head covering, warm socks, gloves that can keep your hands warm and dry, and shoes or booths that have slip-resistant soles.

  • Warm-Up First

Do a few warm-ups like stretches or a light exercise for just 10 minutes before you start shoveling the snow. This is to prevent injuries and a heart attack.

  • Choose the Shovel That Fits For You

There are many sizes or kinds of shovel. Choose the shovel that fits your body size and strength. The handles of your shovel should have a suitable length for your height. If you are tall and you are using a short shovel that would require you to lean forward as you shovel, you will most likely have a backache. Use a shovel that is comfortable to use and not too heavy or too long.

  • Use Proper Shoveling Lifting and Technique

Proper technique in shoveling is very important in preventing back pain. If you can push the snow instead of lifting, it will be better. But if you have to lift, make sure to keep your back straight, bend your knees and squat with your legs apart. If you must throw the shovel full of snow, do not throw it over your shoulder or to your side. Doing this requires a twisting motion that can stress your back. Instead, carry it to where you want to dump the snow. Moreover, avoid stretching your arms while carrying a shovel full of snow. Lastly, do not attempt to remove deep snow all at once, remove it in pieces.

  • Pace Yourself

When doing this chore, make sure to keep yourself hydrated and take breaks frequently. If along the way you experience chest pain, difficulty breathing, or other signs of a heart attack, stop what you are doing and seek help right away.

  • Watch For Slippery Area

Keep an eye on patches of ice, uneven and slippery areas. If you have cleared the driveway, sprinkle it with rock salt. Rock salt helps in melting ice during freezing rain and lowering the danger of slipping.


Removing Snow From Your Roof

If snow has started to pile in top of your roof, start removing it. Accumulated snow can damage your roofing system and develop leaks. Follow these safety reminders.

  • If possible, work from the ground using a snow rake and stand away from the area where you are directing your target.
  • If you must go up to remove the snow, make sure to take precautionary measures. Use a harness or a rope to give you more security and wear boots with good traction.
  • Be careful of the power lines overhead as you clear away the snow from the roof.
  • Avoid working alone. Have someone to act as a spotter.


Along with all those winter snow safety removal tips, putting your safety on top is important. Removing snow can cause a lot of stress on your heart. Consult with your doctor first to make sure that your body is capable of doing this activity. If you have medical conditions or do not do strenuous exercise, don’t remove snow by yourself. Instead, consider hiring someone to remove the snow. Make sure to take precautionary measures when removing snow from the snow.

The accumulated snow, if not removed, can cause winter damage to your home. Following the safety reminders for winter snow removal can prevent you from getting injured while removing snow. But, if snow has already caused significant water damage to your homes like flooding and roof leak, you must contact a professional water damage restoration company. Restoration companies, like Water Damage Lake Elsinore, have complete training and advanced equipment to fully mitigate the damage and restore your home to its pre-state condition. Call your trusted water damage restoration company, today.


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